My first ever makeup tutorial

This is the final look from my first ever “proper” makeup tutorial! I never realized how hard it is to give directions and do my makeup at the same time. Now that I know what it takes, the next look will be much more polished, I promise!

I went with a soft pink glam for spring. You can see the tutorial in my highlights on my Instagram (@saltxashes).

Let me know what you think! is there something you’d like to learn that you’re having trouble with? Don’t hesitate to reach out!


Pat McGrath Mothership I Subliminal Eye Palette


Pat McGrath is my makeup inspiration, my idol, and my everything. I’ve looked up to her for years and ever since the Mothership line dropped, I’ve had the biggest want for makeup probably ever.

This highly pigmented palette of metallic and mattes does not disappoint. So smooth it feels like putting on sweats after just shaving, exfoliating, and moisturizing your legs. It comes in a visually beautiful rope bound box and the palette itself has a nice weight to it.

The only reason I have waited so long to finally get it was the price. At nearly $130 I just couldn’t justify it. Lucky enough, I found an old Sephora gift card that had just enough to cover the palette and a Kat Von D lipstick. If the price isn’t a concern for you, get this palette. If price is a concern, try putting a few dollars aside every week until you reach your goal! Unfortunately, I don’t foresee these going on sale anytime soon but it is worth every penny.

Looks to come!