That’s amore

Wishing I was back in Italy eating the freshest of the fresh. There really is nothing else like it in the world! But maybe I’m biased. My mom is Puerto Rican and Cuban and my dad is Italian. I had been raised primarily in an Italian household. My grandmother is a very small Italian woman born and raised in Brooklyn. Italian culture, food, and soul flow through my veins and I truly felt like I was home here.

Fino a quando ci incontreremo di nuovo, amore mio.


throwback thursday

Throwing it way way back to summer 2015. Fresh faced, new glasses, cute septum ring, and a boyfriend who I hadn’t realized was evil yet. It felt like a high school summer, you know what I mean? I was working, but I had cut down my hours to take some classes at Rutgers, but even still, these three months felt so care free and fun and light. It was perfect.