Pat McGrath Mothership I Subliminal Eye Palette


Pat McGrath is my makeup inspiration, my idol, and my everything. I’ve looked up to her for years and ever since the Mothership line dropped, I’ve had the biggest want for makeup probably ever.

This highly pigmented palette of metallic and mattes does not disappoint. So smooth it feels like putting on sweats after just shaving, exfoliating, and moisturizing your legs. It comes in a visually beautiful rope bound box and the palette itself has a nice weight to it.

The only reason I have waited so long to finally get it was the price. At nearly $130 I just couldn’t justify it. Lucky enough, I found an old Sephora gift card that had just enough to cover the palette and a Kat Von D lipstick. If the price isn’t a concern for you, get this palette. If price is a concern, try putting a few dollars aside every week until you reach your goal! Unfortunately, I don’t foresee these going on sale anytime soon but it is worth every penny.

Looks to come!


My Glossier Skincare Regimen

Skin care!

Some people do a lot of it, some people literally wash their face with hand soap. Whatever you feel works for you! I’m one of those people that has a steady, everyday, morning and night routine. As I’ve said in the past, Glossier is my go-to for face makeup and skin care. Glossier has such a calming, pleasant scent of rosewater. I think out of all of my skin care routine, only the serums and the toner are either scentless or very minimal. Bottom line, if you like the smell of rosewater, Glossier is for you. I know that some might find that smell overwhelming, especially when it’s directly on your face.

Since I’ve started using these products, my skin has honestly never looked better. My face is bright, smooth, and even, what more could I want? I have pretty basic skin, not too oily and not too dry with almost no issues with blemishes, that being said, I don’t find that these products make my skin greasy and that is obviously my no.1. At work, I’m on my feet, running around all day in a hot salon, the last thing I want is to feel like my face is greasy and for me, that’s been a problem with other skin products in the past. My one issue that I do have with this line is if you skip a day or don’t do the whole routine, my skin gets very angry with me. That might not happen to everyone, but that’s what happens here. Other than that, A+++++++.

I’m going to go over my morning and night routine as well as the “tools” I use and the mask that I use once a week.


  • Milky Jelly CleanserNote that this face wash doesn’t get sudsy like some that you might be used to. That’s okay! Just clean your face thoroughly just like with any other cleansing wash.
  • Soothing Face Mist – I spray this all over my face after washing with cold water. This mist gives my tired skin the hydration it needs after a night’s sleep.
  • Super Glow – Okay. The Glossier serums are out of this world. I use Super Glow in my morning routine to give my skin a bright appearance (thanks to the vitamin C and magnesium) and it doesn’t leave a sticky residue like most other serums. I allow this to sink all the way in, about. minute or two, before I moisturize.
  • Bubblewrap – This eye and lip plumping cream is to die for. I tend to do my heavier moisturizing with my nightly routine. Bubblewrap is extremely lightweight and breathable, making it amazing for through out the day. Put one pump of this bad boy on to your ring finger, dab under the eyes and on and around the lips until nicely absorbed. As with the Super Glow, this cream doesn’t leave a sticky residue which is always ideal!
  • Follow your favorite lip balm for soft lips throughout the day!

I do this routine in the mornings in this order. Tie your hair up and cleanse that face and get ready for the day ahead!


  • Milky Oil – This is my favorite makeup remover!! All you need to do is shake it up, squeeze onto a cotton round, and wipe! Rinse and follow with Milky Jelly Cleanser.
  • Milky Jelly Cleanser – Same cleanser used in the morning! The gentle formula feels so great after you just scrubbed the day’s makeup and grime off your face.
  • Solution – AKA toner! Solution is the most gentle toner I’ve ever used. With no overbearing odor, you won’t knock the wind out of yourself every time you ship this near you nose! Pump some onto a cotton round and swipe across your problem areas. I tend to only use this on my T-zone, but on heavy makeup days I’ll wipe it all over.
  • Mask once a week (see below)
  • Soothing Face Mist – Like in the morning, spritz all over and feel refreshed!
  • Super Bounce – Another one of Glossier’s god sent serums! The vitamin B5 helps make your skin so so soft and the hyaluronic acid helps with hydration and keeps your skin nice and tight and plump.
  • Priming Moisturizer (Rich) – This moisturizer is RICH. Do not underestimate the name. All you need is a dime sized amount and massage it in!
  • Bubblewrap – Same steps as in the morning. Pump on to your finger and tap around the eyes and lips after moisturizing.

Follow in this order for perfect skin!


  • Cotton Rounds – You can find these literally anywhere in sleeves of 100 or more for $2-$5. Don’t wanna use rounds? Use whatever you want! Cotton balls, a reusable makeup cloth or pad, a face towel, whatever works best for you.
  • Face Roller – When my whole nightly routine is complete, I go ahead and help it really absorb into my skin with this face roller. I got this one from Ulta for $19. I love it! the little roller is amazing for getting under your eyes, nose, and lips. These rollers help relieve pressure and help to evenly massage your products into your skin.


  • Mega Greens Galaxy Pack – I use this mask once a week. This detoxifying mask is packed with antioxidants to help draw out all of that gunk from your pores! Beware that this mask will most likely leave you with red skin for about 20 minutes once you wash it off. That’s Okay! Just continue your routine as usual once you rinse (usually, I’ll apply a mask right after the toner). This mask has tiny little beads in it to help with exfoliation as well. I don’t want you to now have a typical idea of exfoliation beads from other products, this is not packed with them, just gingerly scattered throughout.

Don’t forget to take advantage of sunny days so that you can show off your glowing skin!

And don’t forget to include selfies of you from when you were trying to take a selfie of your glowing skin but your boyfriend is in the kitchen making you laugh. I found these giggles from a Live Photo and honestly I love them!

And as always, products that work for me may not work for you! Always stop using any product if you notice any reactions and if you have any sort of medical condition, always ask your doctor before using anything.

Glow, girl!


I’m in love!

You guys!!! My Mellow Cosmetics lipstick finally came and wow!

When I tell you that my lips haven’t felt this moisturized in so long, I mean it. The formula is so smooth and it glides over your lips effortlessly. I ordered the shade Chocolate, a brown lip isn’t usually my thing so I figured I’d give it a shot. This is so pigmented! One swipe over your lips and you’re good to go. I’m usually a matte lipstick girl and trying this cream formula was a game changer.

And can we talk about this packaging?! I am living for this gold and mauve color theme. So clean, fresh, and sleek!

Even though this line is extremely pigmented, it comes off with one wipe of your wash cloth. Usually I’m stuck at the sink scrubbing my lips to get whatever matte I was wearing that day. It felt so good to literally just wipe it right off with no hassle!

Want fall in love too?

Visit to check out these lipsticks and other amazing products!

Treat Yo’self


What’s in my makeup bag?

So if you don’t know, makeup is pretty much my life. My mom was a makeup artist once upon a time, and it’s all I’ve ever really wanted to do with my life. I am lucky enough to be able to do it now as a side hustle to hair and I couldn’t be happier!

Now this is my everyday makeup bag. I take it with me to work, I take it with me when I travel, and I throw it in my gym bag. This is not the makeup I use on clients. My professional kit is filled to the brim with numerous tools and pallets and glitters and shimmers. I’ll show you my professional kit in the future! What I’m about to show you are my basics. For day to day wear I like to keep it very light and natural.

Serving you face! I use a lot of Glossier products, especially on my skin. Glossier has extremely buildable products and what this means is you can start with a layer and literally build it up to your desired result.

To start my face, I prime with Smashbox Photo Finish skin primer. Primer helps to smooth your skin for the rest of the application. Next, I use Glossier Stretch Concealer mostly on my t-zone and under my eyes. I lucked out in the skin lottery and for the most part have very even and blemish free skin. That being said I really try not to go too heavy with concealers and foundations if I don’t have to. Then I contour with Fenty Beauty Match Stix and Ulta Beauty Matte Bronzer. Nose, cheeks, forehead, chin- can’t go wrong. Glossier Cloud Paint and Haloscope are a perfect finish for a dewey, sun kissed look.

Now for eyes! I never leave the house without a wing on my eyes. That has been my signature look since high school and I truly don’t think that I’ll ever stop. Glossier Pro Tip liner and Lash Slick mascara are an iconic duo. I use these for myself even when doing a heavy, going out look. These do not move all day! This combo survived me watching Marley and Me with out a single smudge. On my lid, Glossier Lidstar, a shimmery concoction that is easy to build for a more pigmented look if you want. If I want a deeper look on my eyes, Glossier Color Slide pencils are extremely pigmented and go on as smooth as butter. And if you feel like adding a little more sparkle, Glossier Glitter Gelee is packed with glitter for a little pop.

As with skin, I’ve blessed with good natural brows. All I ever really need is a little shaping with my Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil and some texture with Glossier Boy Brow.

Instead of lugging around a whole spray bottle, I go for a perfume rolling applicator! This Tory Burch perfume smells divine and isn’t overwhelming. A little on the wrists, behind the ears, and cleavage will do just fine.

To finish everything off, Glossier Balm Dotcom on my lips. This is a tint-free lip balm with a slight shimmer and smells like birthday cake. Balm Dotcom can be used anywhere, not just on your lips. I use it on my cuticles throughout the day and it saves my hands from cracking and drying out.

The finished product! Please keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you! Find products that you like and don’t bother your skin. Drug store makeup gets overlooked but will honestly can be great if you get the right brands. Higher end is of course great too!

What do you have in your makeup bag?